Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse racing betting has been one of the favourite gambling options for UK players for decades now. There are thousands of people who bet on race cards and, even though football stole the spotlight a bit, horse races remain the Sport of Kings.

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Best Horse Racing Betting Sites Review

That being said, it’s understandable that horse betting holds a place in your heart. If you love to do this, you’re now given the chance to do it online too. There are numerous horse racing betting sites UK just waiting for you to place your wager, and you can literally get the best odds without having to move from your spot.

William Hill

William Hill is one of the highest rated horse racing betting sites online. In fact, it’s one of the highest rated betting sites, period. If you visit the website, you’ll be given the chance to play everything that betting includes, such as casino games, bingo, live casino, scratch cards, and of course – different sports. They will give you a £100 bonus when you sign up, not to mention a chance to get their many promotions and special offers if you return to bet on more horses.

When it comes to online horse betting, William Hill has some of the best odds, as well as the best choice of horse races you can place your wager on.


Betway is not just one of the most versatile betting sites. It’s also a widely known uk horse racing betting hub for those who enjoy the races and want to place their wagers. They also offer in-play, casino, live low wagering casino, as well as varied sports betting.

If you haven’t bet on Betway before, you have two options to consider in terms of your welcome bonus. You can either get £30 in free bets or place a high deposit and get a £250 welcome bonus. Whatever you choose, you’ll surely find that betting on horse racing on this site has the best odds and great winnings.


Out of the many horse betting sites, we’ve chosen Ladbrokes to be one of our top choices. Why? This is a company with such high rating, you can’t afford to miss it. The options they have aside from horse race betting don’t include just sports betting, but also casino games and live casino. Here you can bet on football and handball, but also horses and dogs.

If you haven’t bet here before, you’ll love the variety of options they offer you. And, you’ll definitely enjoy their small, yet helpful bonus of £20 with £1 deposit.


BetFair is one of the best horse racing betting site and the casino games hub for gambling enthusiasts. People go on this website to play everything from poker to slots, virtual sports to pools, football to horse races. If you’re new to the site and haven’t played before, all it takes is 10 Euros to enjoy their welcome offer.

The welcome offer is nothing like we’ve seen before. They don’t entice you with a welcome bonus that makes you deposit the amount for dozens of times. Instead, they give you a second chance, something that really piqued our interest. Apparently, if you lose on this website, they will give you those 10 Euros you spent as a second chance to win.

888 Sport

Our last, but absolutely great choice in this list is 888 Sport. This website is part of the four websites created by the same, huge betting company: 888 Casino, 888 Poker, and So, on this particular site, you won’t be finding casino games or poker games. Instead, it focuses on what you are looking for exactly – betting on sports.

Among their sports betting choices, you’ll find horse betting. And not just any type of it. You’ll find numerous options, great odds, and some of the most attractive daily offers.

What are the Best Horse Racing Sites with Best Odds?

The quality of a horse betting site, or any site for that matter, depends on several factors. The first thing players look for are great odds, which is understandable. You want your winnings to be the highest they can be if they happen for you. This is the goal of every player.

However, there are other things to consider when you choose the best horse racing sites, too. You need to consider security and privacy, bonuses and promotions, game quality, and most importantly – the reputation of the website you’re using to place your wagers.

Before we rate a betting site and place it in our list of top horse betting websites, we look at all of these factors. We do so by checking what people say about the company, researching their website, as well as placing actual wagers on horse races and wait for the outcome.

The best websites you should use for horse race betting are the ones that excel in all the points we mentioned above. If they fail in one, they are out of our top websites list.

Which of Bookmakers Offer In-Play Betting & Live Streaming Options?

The best betting websites will go beyond just providing you with playing odds for games that are about to happen in the future. On these websites, you’ll be able to play live, all while watching a live stream directly on the websites.

To be more, there are websites that let you do this from your phone with their mobile optimized sites or apps. With such websites, you can bet on horse races without having to visit the closest casino or betting establishment. This means no more missing important races or struggling to find a live stream. Such websites won’t just give you great odds for betting, but will also let you watch the race live and wager on the outcome.

Do Mentioned Bookmakers Offer Welcome Bonuses?

Yes, the bookmakers we rank highly in our list of top betting sites all offer some kind of a welcome bonus. Some of the sites are casinos, which will give you a chance to play casino games and enjoy free spins. Some will let you choose between different welcome bonuses based on what you want to play and how big your deposit is.

Betting sites today have big competition, which means that you’ll be given the chance to not just use, but choose between the most generous bonuses the casino industry has had so far. That’s why we always look into the promotions of every betting site to ensure that you know what your options are.

Best Systems for Betting on Horse Racing

The Statistical Lay

When you use this strategy, you pick a horse that won’t win. Yes, this sounds bad, but it’s where you actually make your money. Such strategies look to find a loser instead of a winner. Seeing how only one of three favourites in a race will actually win, picking two that won’t win is the right strategy.

Lay bets are based on a betting exchange by a punter who backs the same horse. It is your job to identify the overpriced horses or the horses in a race where there are a minimum of two other runners with a good chance of coming on the top.

Back the Beaten Favourite

We all get that terrible feeling when our favourite loses, but favourites lose constantly. When it happens, their odds change the next time out, which is a perfect strategy for you. If you didn’t win money the last time you played on the favourites, but they are running again in similar conditions, those are the horses to bet on. It’s still a solid chance to win and the horse will be underpriced, just because it had a single bad performance.

Losing happens to everyone. Even horses can have a bad day, bad conditions, and bad health. When their next shot comes and the odds are higher for the horse winning, put your faith into them once again. Them losing in the past race might have been the best thing happening for you.

The Dutching System

The third most popular system is the Dutching system. This system is used to cover various outcomes. This way, no matter the outcome, you’re in the money.

Basically, it is like spreading the risk across bets. It prevents you from making the huge winnings, but it significantly reduces your risk of losing. Eventually, it gives you a guaranteed profit with the right bet selections.

This system is also perfect for the ones who bet on a low budget. If you don’t have a fortune to spend, you might want to start spreading your small bets onto different outcomes. It’s what gives you a shot to bet bigger later on.

Online Horse Racing Betting – Is It A Good Idea?

In our review, we’ve told you about the most popular betting system, where to use them, and why. People swear by the systems and the betting sites in our list for many reasons. We’ve set high criteria for finding those reasons and determining the success of each site we review. Thanks to this, we are able to provide you with the best odds, tricks, and sites to bet on horses.

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