Best Tennis Betting Sites

Tennis betting is gaining a lot of popularity today. Not only the sport is popular, but the availability of betting sites is growing every day. Nowadays, there are thousands, of tennis betting sites that only require profile verification and your wager.

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Best Tennis Betting Sites

William Hill

When you hear about best tennis betting sites, you’ll definitely hear of this one. In fact, you’ll find William Hill on top of most lists, and for many reasons. It’s the perfect gambling spot for anyone who wants to bet on horses, dogs, other sports, casino games, and even live casino. This is the place where you find something as rare as online scratch cards. Basically, William Hill is the hub for those who want to bet online.

If you choose to do tennis betting online, you’ll definitely like how they welcome new members on this website. They hand out up to a £100 bonus to their new players, which is a rare and really good offer.


Second in our list of choices is Betway. This is the place where you can be betting tennis with the best odds of them all. You can also bet on horses, dogs, play casino games, and what not. If you haven’t used it before, you should know of the two bonus options they offer. The first one is based on how much you deposit – the casino can double that deposit with an amount that goes up to £250. Or, you can choose to get £30 in free bets. You can deposit 1,3 and 5 £ here.

This makes Betway one of the best places to gamble on tennis and other sports for anyone, quite literally. It’s a low deposit, high quality casino with excellent reputation.


On the pages of Ladbrokes, betting on tennis is really popular. They have the greatest odds you can find, but not just in this sport. They also offer other sports betting options, as well as low wagering casino and casino games. It’s where people go to have some fun, but also boost their chances at a win thanks to a secure and versatile payment system.

The games are of high quality, while the sports bet come with high odds, which is great for you. And, you get a bonus of £20 as soon as you sign up.


Betfair is another highly popular, very secure betting website. Here you can bet on in-live tennis games, place your wagers ahead, or choose between hundreds of different casino games. They have everything, including virtual sports and pools. Moreover, it’s a low deposit casino with a unique welcome bonus.

If you go in with as little as 10 Euros and start betting, they won’t give you money as a welcome bonus at first. If you win, you get your winnings, but no bonus. But if you lose, you get a second chance. How? They’ll give you your 10 Euros back to try your luck again. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

888 Sport

Finally, we have the 888 Sports website, one of the five websites of a company under the brand 888. This website is focused on sports only, and tennis is one of their most played choices. If you’re more up to playing at a casino, you can visit 888 Casino. If you are a poker fan, there’s the 888 Poker site. Finally, there’s the general site called, where you can find literally everything.

Which are the Best Tennis Betting Sites with the Best Odds?

Betting on tennis has a set of benefits, which is what makes it so appealing to players. There are simply so many tournaments and circuits, that you’ll never get bored. You’ll never lose the options to bet on. With so many tennis events that yield some of the most entertaining games we’ve seen, you’ll definitely fall in love in tennis.

Every betting site will have the majors covered, such as the French and Australian Open, the US Open, and the Wimbledon. However, your choice should always be a site with the best odds, one that makes your betting worthwhile.

This is why, when we look into online betting websites that include the game of tennis, we also check the odds they give to their players. It isn’t all about the bonuses or the versatile options on a betting site. What players are most interested in is how much they can win. That’s why the top choices in our list are those with the best known odds.

Which of Bookmakers Offer In-Play Betting and Live Streaming Options?

When they bet on tennis, most players prefer to bet in-play. This is the most popular betting option in the country and worldwide. This is why a betting site or a bookmaker that does not offer live event betting cannot grow or become popular. Live betting gives you more chances for profit, as well as boosts the fun and thrill that goes with watching the game.

In play betting interfaces can differ from one site to the next one. Some sites will give you in-play betting odds and a chance to play, but you’ll have to watch the game elsewhere. The best sites always have live streaming options, at least for the most popular games of the tournaments. This allows you to both watch and bet on the same time, which is much more effective, faster, and of course – appealing.

Do mentioned Bookmakers Offer Welcome Bonuses?

All top choices for online tennis betting we’ve made offer some kind of a bonus for their customers. These are the highest rated betting websites, which means that they must truly stand out. In terms of regular bonuses, not many offer multiple choices. Some only offer you a welcome bonus and that’s it. Some have a significantly better bonus system than others. Our goal is to find the latter, which is why the mentioned bookmakers all have specials and enhanced prices, especially for bets on the biggest events.

Explanations of Tennis Betting Types

To Win

To Win is the most popular type of betting on tennis. It’s outright and simple, and it often works. Your task here is to pick a player that will win the match and bet on him. You put your wager on this person winning the match. In most cases, you can use this type of game in-play, something that most people prefer when they bet online.

So, if you’re having your doubts about how the match will go, watch it and place a bet based on what your estimation about the outcome is.

Set Score

Set Score bets depend on what you think the score will be when the set finishes. You can bet on a specific score or choose between the mixed options that give you a range of numbers. If you are specific, you’re choosing the set score game.

This is a much harder game, but it also has amazing odds. It’s the perfect bet to make in-play when a player appears particularly strong or weak.

Over/Under – Total Games in a Set

In this case, you use your gut, your inkling on how many games will be in a set. The bookie or the betting site will set an interval that you can choose to go over or under. Your job in this type of bet is to determine or guess whether the set will have less or more games than the bookie says in his interval.

Race To

The fourth most popular type of tennis bet is the race to type. When you play this, you choose the player that will reach a certain number of games first. This usually starts with two.

Race to is a great way to extract value from a match with a very clear favourite. If you think that a player can break the opponent’s serve early in the game and win the race as a result, this is the bet to make.

Online Tennis Betting – Is It A Good Idea?

Betting on tennis matches is interesting, thrilling, and if you do it well – rewarding. There are all kinds of betting options on online sites and, it all comes down to your guesses and your luck. However, to boost your odds at winning real money on tennis betting, you should use the best betting sites that offer the highest odds.

That’s what we are helping you with. We told you what are the highest rated websites based on our criteria, what your betting options are, and how to establish if a betting site is worth your trust or not.

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