Lock Withdrawal Casinos In The UK, Responsible Gambling Options

Is It Legal to Gamble in a UK Lock Withdrawal Casino?

Gambling online in the United Kingdom is legal. This is a relatively young topic, but since the Gambling Act of 2005, UK residents of age can gamble both at land-based and online casinos. This grand change has made many people happy. UK players love betting on different things ranging from casino games to sports. Thanks to great online casino sites, this is now very easy and accessible.

Best Lock Withdrawal Casinos UK

Gambling at Lock Withdrawal Online Casinos: What is Lock Withdrawal?

When you win money at an online casino, it can take up to 48 hours for your request to even be processed. This is the pending period. Since most players don’t want to wait forever to get their money, they often cancel the withdrawal requests and keep playing. Soon after, their big win is gone.

This is where options like lock withdrawal come very handy. When you use this, you are protecting your withdrawal request. Once you request the cash, this will stop you from reversing it and keep you from spending your winnings.

Manual Flushing in a Lock-In Casino

Manual flushing is an option offered by quality online casinos that allows players to flush the withdrawal request. Manual flushing of an account will move your winnings from the period called pending, and you’ll be able to perform a reverse withdrawal. In other words, this option guarantees that your withdrawal request will go through and that you’ll receive your winnings.

Basically, this is a tool that players use to remove that dreading temptation to keep gambling. If you are a person who changes their mind often and ends up losing big sums that you’ve already one, than this is a great option for you.

Casinos that offer manual flushing will require that you talk to the support to use this feature. The support agents manually flush funds from your account until the moment when they are processed. There might be some other options available, such as sending in a request through a form, but this is the fastest way to request your cash, and leaves you with very little chance to reverse your cashout and gamble the winnings.

How to Gamble Responsibly

Responsible gambling is a concept that comprises of different procedures and policies set by online casinos with the goal to ensure the well-being of players. The Gambling Commission in the UK has set out specific regulations that:

  • Prevent underage gambling
  • Protect the vulnerable players/ gamblers
  • Deploys a set of safety measures against money laundering and other criminal activities
  • Ensures that the players’ information is  kept confidential
  • Offers a secure gambling environment
  • Carries out protection in terms of players’ payments


To gamble responsibly, one has to treat this as a fun pastime, not as a chance to generate additional income. Most people see gambling this way and enjoy playing casino games for fun and recreation. For them, winning cash is a plus. But, for others, this can become very difficult since they start looking at gambling as a mean of making money. Options like lock withdrawal are excellent at promoting responsible gambling and assisting vulnerable gamblers in beating the addiction.

Using Gamstop

As a player, it is important that you avoid the temptation of reversing and gambling all of your money/ winnings. When you win cash at an online casino, it’s easy to fall to the temptation of gambling some more to see if you’re still lucky. This is why, if you cannot control yourself and this causes you to lose money, you can use tools lock withdrawal and programs like Gamstop to help you get some control over your actions.

Gamstop is an independent, free to use, and self-exclusion scheme for people who gamble online. It’s not only used by people with a gambling addiction. Everyone can get tempted to play some more, especially if their withdrawal processing takes a long time. On this program, you can choose how long you want to be banned from casinos.

Top Casino Sites with Lock Withdrawal Option


Rizk has always had a strong responsible gambling program. They have also introduced the Withdrawal Lock feature, which you can activate in the My Account section/ Transactions tab. Gambling at this popular casino rich with games is no longer just fun, but also very safe and productive for players.


With over 3600 different games and excellent reputation for fast withdrawals, Slotsmillion is a great casino site to gamble on. In case you are tempted to take your money before they reach your account, you can use their Lock My Withdrawal feature. To activate it on this site, you need to contact the support.


Casumo Casino is one of the highest rated online casinos sites right now. They have a grand amount of games, excellent bonuses, as well as a great reputation with players. You can also use the lock withdrawals feature on this site. To do this, they just need to click the lock button once they request a withdrawal.


Should I gamble at a casino with lock withdrawal option?

Gambling at casinos with this option is smart if you want to gamble responsibly and/or have problems with gambling temptation. This tool helps you ensure that you’ll receive your money and not spend it gambling before they arrive through your banking method.

How long is a pending period for withdrawal at online casinos?

A pending period is the time you wait for your winnings to come to you. This depends on the banking method you choose, as well as the casino site you gamble on. Some casinos process withdrawals within hours, while for others it takes days. If the sums are bigger, it might take 24-48 hours for the casino to process your request.

Can I enable lock withdrawal in the casino account and how?

In most casinos, you can enable this feature by reaching out to the support. On other sites, you need to click on a button or fill out a form.


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