Welcome to the new era of digital cash. Many things have been used as currency over the centuries, so why not trying digital and virtual money that does not belong to any national bank or government. The online gambling market seems to be a perfect place for experimenting with cryptocurrencies as cash flow in casinos is imminent, even if it is in a virtual form.

Online Bitcoin casino is a gambling site that accepts the digital currency called Bitcoin or BTC as a method of transferring funds to your gambling account on the real money casino website. Bitcoin accepting casino websites are quite a lot and spread throughout the world and there are even some that only accept BTC as a way to transfer cash to your account and play their games. Casino bitcoin currency is quite popular among players as well as it’s a completely anonymous transaction that can only be traced back to your numbered wallet account that doesn’t have your name or any other info.


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Do you remember that financial crisis of 2008 when people lost their trust in the current economic system? If cash is like bloodstream of the economy, then your trust is that building block which keeps a bloodstream pumping. Once people stop trusting that system, any prevalent currency loses its value with lightning-fast speed. It seems like we have witnessed this scenario too many times since some people decided that they should put their trust into their own hands. Bitcoin’s origin is shrouded in mystery but its essence is in that collective trust that vouches for its nominal value instead of some government institution.

That is why bitcoin appeals to millions of people who are looking for an alternative currency. It provides more privacy or anonymity in a virtual world that one creates, including online gambling. It is a product that emerged from the internet, just like stardust, which emerges from a supernova. It is fine-tuned for online transactions, fast and reliable. It didn’t take much time for online casinos to smell this opportunity by ensuring that bitcoin becomes welcomed plus acceptable currency.

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14 RED

One of the best UK Bitcoin casino websites is 14 Red because of a few features that make it stand out. It has a great withdrawal timeframe which is anywhere between 0-24 hours, it has a great design, especially for us on smartphones and tablets which makes it very mobile-friendly, it has games from a lot of most trusted developers like Microgaming or Nektan and it has live chat support that is available nonstop.


Another site that accepts BTC transfers is Bitstarz and it’s also one of the best on the web. It has an even faster withdrawal timeframe, which is between 0-1 hours from your request. It’s well adapted for smartphone and tablet use which is great if you’re looking to play on the go and it has great customer support that is always there to address your issues and help you out with anything you have trouble with.


An awesome site that has all the right licenses and encryptions to make you feel safe when playing on it. The average pending period for your withdrawal is only 2 minutes, which is insanely fast while the timeframe for cashing out is maximum of 2 hours. They have a great SSL encryption and have been tested and proven fair by the TST. This site is also a part of the esteemed group of Certified Casinos and their customer support is top-notch.


Hyper is also one of the better ones in the UK, especially because it holds a UK gambling License that is hard to get by unless you’re really legitimate. The timeframe for withdrawals is 24 hours maximum and their design is quite innovative and very mobile friendly. The customer support they offer is through live chat with one of their staff which is great because if you have an issue, you’ll be able to address it right away.


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They are cheaper because most of them have no fees for their transactions or any hidden fees when you decide to withdraw your BTC from account. Most of the sites have no fees at all and the ones that do have a fee, the fee is extremely low.


When you use a Bitcoin casino, you don’t leave any information about who you are or what your banking information is, so people can’t take advantage of your personal information or steal your identity.


Basically, bitcoin gambling sites offer anywhere between 1 and 5 BTC as a welcome bonus, which is significantly higher because one BTC is worth around 9.500 USD (20/02/2020) and it constantly rises.



The fact that it’s still not an accepted real currency is kind of a con for this type of sites because there’s a chance that it collapses and loses its value, although the chances are extremely slim.


Most BTC casinos have quite high minimum wagering requirements which aren’t optimal for people that want to get their winnings fast and going through the high wagering requirements can be a daunting task in opposite to no wagering sites.


The value, while right now is increasing and it’s good, in a few years it might go down and you might lose some value on your BTC if you don’t pull your winnings out at the right time.


Can you gamble with Bitcoin?
Yes, you can use Bitcoin to gamble, although you’ll have to find a website that accepts that method of depositing money. You don’t have to look too hard though as there are a lot of websites that have made deals and implemented this method of money transfer.
Is it legal to gamble in a crypto casino?
Basically, there aren’t any laws that prohibit gambling with your cryptocurrency, however, there are some countries that have made it unlawful to acquire and have any bitcoins in your name, so technically that would make it impossible to gamble in Bitcoin casinos.
What is your deposit or withdrawal limit when using Bitcoin?
Since this crypto market proliferated together with online gaming, it gradually adjusted according to players’ needs. We all know that players want speed plus transparency when it comes to monetary transactions. Depositing limit for cryptocurrencies steadily declined inversely proportional to an increase in their value on the global currency market. As demand for Bitcoins rose, gambling establishments made sure that their customers can enjoy their services by lowering their depositing or withdrawal limits. In most prominent casinos, one may start playing by investing as little as 0.0001 BTC when registering. It is needless to say that these limits will fluctuate along with any change in that global cryptocurrency market, but as for now, an average limit for cashing out is around 3 BTC. These current rates only reflect the firm stability of Bitcoin as a means of payment.
How long does it take to cash out Bitcoin?
This is where all those advantages of using virtual currency in gambling become apparent. Nothing puts a smile on the player’s face more than a promise of quick plus painless withdrawal of his money. While any typical transaction that involves non-crypto currencies usually takes more than a couple of days, on average, virtual money always travels much faster. Reputable gaming sites can provide crypto-payouts in less than 24 hours if your wanted sum does not exceed payout limits. Only in such cases, your winnings would be paid in arranged installments, which is usually specified in terms and conditions.
What are the usual fees for cryptocurrencies?
If one decided using virtual money for gambling purposes but gets requests for paying substantial fees for his transactions, that should be a signal for high caution. Most notable casinos eliminate this need for fees when dealing with bitcoins. This is some great advantage compared with most traditional currencies, so, from this perspective, your choice should be obvious. Any casino that approves virtual money will also allow unlimited daily transactions with no fees included. This wasn’t the case a few years ago, but since then, this market has grown stronger, thus becoming a more reliable alternative for traditional means of payment.
Do Bitcoin casinos accept Bitcoin Cash?
Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are two different crypto currencies, so it would depend on the website you’ve chosen. If the site has an option for you to transfer money using Bitcoin Cash than you’ll be able to make a deposit using that currency. You can always exchange your Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoin if you really want to play at that particular platform.
Do Bitcoin casinos accept Bitcoin Gold?
Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold are two separate currencies, even though their names are similar. If the gambling website you’ve chosen to play on has this method of transferring money, than you can go ahead and make the deposit with Bitcoin Gold, but if it only has Bitcoin, then you won’t be able to use your other digital currencies. You can always exchange your Bitcoin Gold for Bitcoin.
Do Bitcoin casinos accept Bitcoin Classic?
Bitcoin and Bitcoin Classic are two different digital currencies and online gambling websites that have the Bitcoin method of transfer won’t be able to accept your Bitcoin Classic unless they have that specific method of money transfer. You can always exchange your Bitcoin Classic for Bitcoin if you really want to play at that new casino.
What are the best BTC alternatives?
Every measure of one product’s success can be expressed by how many similar products it inspires with its vision. After that confirmed success of BTC, many alternatives followed with a more or less favorable outcome. For some honorable mentions that found their way into online gambling, we will mention Dogecoin plus Litecoin, which flood this market in recent years. Their virtual abundance guarantees their value since the demand for their use is not falling as we speak. Try any virtual money that suits you but be careful because once people try BTC or some alternative like Dogecoin, they hardly go back using old-fashioned paper money.
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