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Top 10 Betting Sites In The UK

What is Betting?

Betting is an action you can now do from the commodity of your home. The idea goes like this – you make your guess for an outcome of a game, race, or an event. Then, you tell someone about it, someone licensed to take bets. You get the odds, place the deposit, and wait for your luck to show itself. If it does, you win money.

This action has developed much since its beginning. It’s thrilling and rewarding, and people love it. Thanks to the Internet, betting is now possible online.

Is It Possible to Bet Online?

Today, it’s more than possible to bet online. All you need is to be of age and some money, which thanks to the internet, don’t have to be much. Before when there were only land-based casinos and other betting sites, this was more expensive. Now, there are thousands of online sites offering bonuses and low deposits, making it not just possible, but literally available to all.

What payment methods are accepted by most of online betting sites?

Betting sites will have various payment methods. The more versatile their list, the more options for the customers. The top 10 uk websites for betting must have the three categories of payment methods available for their customers to make it possible for everyone to bet: cards, e-wallets, and wire transfers.

Is It Safe to Bet Online?

As long as you play at a licensed and good company such as the top 10 betting sites uk, it is extremely safe to bet online. These companies use the safest money processing systems, plus give you the option to choose the payment method you feel is the safest option.

Advantages of Online Betting Websites

The online betting market is really competitive thanks to the many advantages it offers to its customers. Today, online sites offer much more attractive bonuses and special offers than land-based betting sites like casinos. There are all kinds of promotions and rewards for their customers, as well as the amazing opportunity to play for a minimal deposit of just a couple of dollars. In fact, this goes so far that some casinos let you play for as little as $1.

Therefore, online betting sites are much more affordable than land-based casino, but this is just the beginning. When you compare these to the traditional casinos, the games often have better odds and more flexible rules. Plus, there’s the amazing benefit of being able to play from any place, at any time, without distractions or limitations.

Disadvantages of Online Betting Websites

All great things come with their set of disadvantages. In terms of online betting, there are two disadvantages we know of:

  • Withdrawals can take more time based on what withdrawal method you pick. There are some instant withdrawal methods, but still, land-based casinos usually hand you the money right after you win, while in online casinos, the process have to be approved and you’ll get them in a couple of hours, or even days.
  • In traditional casinos, there’s an instant customer support. In online casinos, this usually doesn’t go as fast. Yes, there are now live casinos online that offer this benefit too, but if you play at an online casino, this can also be slightly delayed.

Top Ten Betting Sites in the UK


BetFred is based in the UK and is a bookmaker company founded by two people: Fred and Peter Done. It started as a small land-based shop in Salford in 1967. Ever since, it grew dramatically, turning into a company worth billions of dollars. With the invention of technology, BetFred decided to keep up with the trends and created one of the most visited online betting platforms. On the site, you can gamble on anything and everything, without worrying about the security of your sensitive information or your privacy.


BetWay isn’t just another betting website. It’s a site with great bonuses and promotions that change and grow every day. Thanks to the popularity of this betting site, they are now offering all kinds of betting opportunities, including sports, in-play, casino, live casino, and sports betting.

As a new customer, you have two options – one that gives you up to £30 in free bets, and one that gives you up to £250 welcome bonus based on your first deposit. Once you start playing there, you can get your hands on their many bonuses and promotions, too.

888 Sports

888 Sports is one of the four very popular betting websites online: 888 Casino, 888 Poker, 888 Sports, and 888.com. Seeing how it is one of the biggest betting hubs known to gambling enthusiasts, the company has created separate platforms you can visit based on your betting preferences. On 888 Sports, you can do sports betting and enjoy some great daily offers and bonuses. You can also access their betting system and place your wagers by using the well-designed app from your phone, making this site always accessible.


BetVictor is the site that will let you spend a £40 bonus by depositing just £5. The website looks rather plain, but it has one of the best lists of things to offer you. You can use it to bet on sports, casinos, as well as take part in the live casino with their high quality games and frequent jackpots. On this site, you can bet on everything from dogs and horses to a myriad of different casino games.


PaddyPower is focused on sports betting, but they also have a casino option if you prefer the casino games. Their sports betting option includes all sports, plus the chance to gamble on horses, dogs, and other games based on luck and some betting knowledge.

PaddyPower is known for their good support and the free Cash Card Pplus. You get this card once you become their member and can use it to withdraw your winnings instantly from any ATM, or spend them in land-based and online stores.


BetFair is a place where people go to play casino games, visit a lively live casino, bet on different sports, bingo games, virtual sports, and pools. If you’re a new customer, you have to go in with as little as 10 Euros. But, here is where this option becomes really interesting. The company offers to refund everyone who loses their first investment, giving them a shot to once again try their luck on the website.

William Hill

If you’ve been betting online for a while, you’ve sure heard of William Hill. This is a really popular betting company, which is why they manage to make better and better offers for their customers in the first place. They give a £100 bonus upon sign up and combine your playing with dozens of wonderful offers and promotions.

William Hill has grown so much, it’s probably one of the most versatile betting sites in terms of options. You can use the site to bet at casino games, live casino, sports, but also bingo, and scratch cards.

10 Bet Sports

Did you know that 10 Bet Sports is the Juventus official partner? That’s how popular this betting site has become and as a result, their website is one of the most frequently visited betting sites in the UK. You can use it to join a live casino game, bet on sports, play some casino games, etc. Moreover, the casino offers tremendous bonuses to those who play, so if you decide to pick it, you’re in for a treat.

Some of their bonuses are the 10 Euros bonus that players get when they play at the casino for 10 days. There’s also a great welcome bonus of 100% if you’re a new customer. The most interesting current offer is their 10 Euros bonus for those who lose when they bet on football that ends 0-0.

Mansion Bet

Mansion Bet is a very popular site thanks to their high-quality games, a well-designed app, and the speedy support service. This is another big company that has something to offer for everyone. Whatever you want to bet on, you can find it here. You can bet on horses and sports, casino games, or even join a live casino game. If you’re new to the company, you can get 50% bonus.


Last but not least, the Ladbrokes betting site is an extravagant website, full of betting options. You’ll realize this just by looking at the site. The site offers everything to everyone, including betting on sports, horses, dogs, casino games, and even in a live casino. As a new customer here, you get up to £20 as a bonus.

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