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Best Online Betting Sites In The UK

What is Online Betting?

Betting isn’t just about testing your luck. When you’re betting, you are investing a certain amount to play a game and test the odds. However, if you’re smart about this, have the right tricks under your sleeve, and know the best betting offers and sites in the UK, it doesn’t end with just pure luck.

The verb bet is a synonym of gamble. This means that when you’re betting, you’re gambling your money. You play to increase your winnings on races, games, etc. People from all across the world bet on different outcomes on a daily basis.

Is It Possible to Bet Online?

Thanks to technology and the Internet, it’s now possible to bet online. You can bet on all kinds of things, including sports and races, as well as gamble at casinos and playing casino games. In fact, this is so popular and widespread now, that there are thousands of betting websites available for you to bet online.

What Payment Methods are Accepted By the Best Online Betting Sites?

The best sports betting sites will give you versatile options for payment. You can use your credit and debit cards, pick an e-wallet option from their list, or opt for a wire transfer that gets the money directly into your bank account. All these can vary in terms of processing time and fees.

Is It Safe to Bet Online?

Betting online is safe as long as you find the best UK betting site to put your wager in. The best betting websites use highly advanced, encrypted and secure payment systems that are used by banks. This can be further secured if you choose one of the safest-known payment methods such as pay by phone or e-wallets.

How is the Situation with Online Betting Market in the UK

Over the past decade, the online gambling industry in the UK has registered the biggest growth ever. When the Gambling Act was first approved on April 7th in 2005, this was the turning point for the gambling industry. Ever since, online betting became so widespread and popular, it has taken a huge slice of the overall revenue of the market.

According to statistics in 2018, the UK market’s gambling revenue hit over 14 billion, which is a 4.2% rise from the previous year. Out of these numbers, the online casino games accounted for most, while online betting ranked second.

Because of the popularity of online gambling, almost every best betting company chose to create a virtual version of their traditional betting offer. Moreover, online betting is more affordable for the casinos and establishments, too, making this a more affordable option for the players, too. This compared to the flexibility online betting offers, are the two biggest reasons why the land based betting took a hit.

Betting companies today put a great focus and investment into the online gambling industry. On online sites you can now find the best bet offers in the UK, which makes it natural for people to choose this option instead of the land-based casinos and betting establishments.

Is Online Betting Legal in the UK?

In the UK, it is entirely legal to gamble online as long as you’re of age and are a UK resident. That being said, as a UK resident, you can play at poker rooms, online casinos, bingo sites, lottery sites, and sportsbooks.

Is Online Betting Regulated by Law in the UK?

The Gambling Act of 2015 also established the UK Gambling Commission, an independent public body funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in the UK. This is the official body responsible for commercial gambling in the country, which means that it oversees every gambling sector like betting, arcades, casinos, bingo, lotteries, gambling software and machines, etc. The only betting form that isn’t in the scope of responsibility of the UK Gambling Commission is the speed betting. This is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Advantages of Online Betting Websites

The betting industry has gone a long way since it was introduced online. Some still go to the local shops for betting to place a bet. But, many also prefer the online betting platform for the following reasons:

  • Flexibility and comfort: you can play from any place with an Internet connection and have all offers at your fingertips;
  • Various payment options;
  • Chance to gamble with a low deposit;
  • Numerous bonus offers that aren’t always available at the land-band casinos;
  • The chance to test a game’s features with a demo version or free spins, as long as the casino allows for it.

Disadvantages of Online Betting Websites

The benefits of online gambling are obvious and clear for everyone, but there are also some disadvantages you should know of. Online gambling can be more addictive since it’s always available to the user. Without having to go to the casino, you can gamble money. Moreover, since online betting sites often allow for lower deposits, this can easily make you carried away. But, it’s nothing you can’t handle with a bit of self-control.

Another disadvantage is the withdrawal time. In comparison with land-based betting sites, online sites have a process that goes with withdrawals. Based on the method you choose, it may take them some time to process it. Still, there are methods that allow for instant withdrawal in online sites, too.

Best Betting Sites UK (2019)


The BetFred Casino instantly gives you 50 free spins to use. If you win some money by using these spins, you can use them to gamble some more or withdraw them. It is an online betting site supported by one of the grandest land-based gambling names, which makes it really popular. They provide their players with amazing bonuses and treats, as well as the chance to choose between numerous gaming option with high-developed graphics and features.

The casino has a great mobile app available and is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.


BetWay is all-in-one betting site that gives you access to sports betting, casino games, and even live casino. This is one of the most popular options among gamblers not just because of their rich choice of betting options, but also because of the rewarding bonuses and popular customer support service.

As a new customer at BetWay, you can get up to £30 in free bets and up to amazing £250 as a welcome bonus. These are just the starting point of your journey on the site. If you play more, you can expect constant bonuses and rewards.

888 Sports

With so many great daily offers and the chance to get 30 Euros in free bets as a new user, this website has reached high popularity among betting enthusiasts. 888 Sports is a betting site focused on sports betting and is one of the four highly popular betting hubs available online. The other three are the 888 Casino, 888 Poker and 888.com. If you’re interested to do some betting on various sports with great numbers and constant promotions, this is definitely the site to visit.

888 Sports uses a very secure payment system and offers you several payment options, as well as the option to use their high-quality, colourful phone app.


With just £5, you can get a £40 bonus to play at the BetVictor betting site. BetVictor has a plain website, but more options than most betting sites have to offer you. They have sports betting, as well as casino betting, not to mention their new live casino option that has attracted immense attention on behalf of the customers.

On BetVictor, you can bet on anything from horses and dogs to sports and casino games. The website has a separate section for their promotions where you’ll find over a dozen special offers, allowing you to win big and save money in the process.


PaddyPower is a bookmaker company aimed primarily on sports betting. This is what the site is most known for, but they also have a casino and live casino option for the casino games lovers. Here you can gamble on everything from football to horses, as well as enjoy some great promotions you won’t be finding in your local betting establishment.

The payment system at PaddyPower is known to be secure and versatile, meaning that you’ll have plenty of options for betting on this website. To be more, they even have a free Cash Card Pplus that, once you receive, you can use to withdraw your winnings from the nearest ATM, spend them in shops, or play online.


BetFair is an online gambling company with amazing betting offers. Here you can bet on sports, play in a casino, join a live casino, bet on bingo games, pools, and even virtual sports. As a new customer, you’d have to bet 10 Euros. However, this site has decided to refund those who don’t win with their first deposit, giving them another shot at their luck. This was the first time we came across this offer and, of course, we were impressed.

William Hill

William Hill is perhaps the most popular betting hub in UK. With a great 100% bonus that gives you up to £100 upon sign up, this is an offer you can’t afford to miss. The site is a dream to gambling enthusiasts. It has thousands of casino games, a live casino, as well as some options like bingo, Poker, and even scratch cards. There’s hardly any more versatile list of options on the market than the one found at William Hill. Thanks to their fine work and secure payment system, this company has maintained a really high reputation with its customers, too.

10 Bet Sports

10 Bet is the Juventus official partner and the name of one of the biggest gambling companies in the UK. They let you do live betting on sports or at their casino, play the high-quality casino games, as well as enjoy some great and really generous bonuses.

For example, you get a 10 Euros bonus if you play for ten consecutive days, a 100% bonus of up to 50 Euros if you’re their new customer, or a 10 Euros bonus if you lose on football and it ends 0-0. These are just a few of the constantly updated offers in their Promotions page.

Mansion Bet

Mansion Bet doesn’t just have a classy site and inviting offers – this site is also popular for the speedy support service and the colourful casino games offers. It’s a big company that provides all kinds of betting options, making it accessible to everyone who wants any type of betting. Here you can bet on sports and horses, as well as play casino games and join a live casino game. New customers of the casino get 50% bonus, while there are also some other great offers on the table for returning customers, too.


If you enter the site of the betting company Ladbrokes, you’ll probably be overwhelmed. Their offers for betting are so numerous, they can hardly fit them on the screen. Here you can get a bonus of up to £20 as a new customer and spend it in their casino, on sports, slots, lottos, bingo, virtual, and many other betting options.

How Wagering Advisors Rates the Best Betting Sites in the UK with the Best Odds

Wagering Advisors compares sites

The best betting site will have the right features, guarantees, and all relevant information presented right there on their pages. That’s why we start the evaluation by comparing the sites under review.

Wagering Advisors compares apps

Most betting sites have an app you can download and play from your smart device. On these apps, you’ll be able to do everything from deposit your money to bet on different kinds of sports and events. We’ll tell you what your options are with each app, where you can play it, and how well it’s designed.

Wagering Advisors compares bonus offers

Next we’ll go through the offers of the betting sites, their various bonuses and special discounts. Betting sites tend to offer many sign up bonuses, especially when it comes to casinos. These can be a great chance for you to boost your deposit and winnings, and we’ll tell you all about it.

Wagering Advisors compares available payment methods

Betting sites require real money payments and therefore, they offer various payment options that include: cards, e-wallets, and wire transfers. These three types of methods combine various types of cards and wallets that you can consider, as well as some options like Bitcoin or pay by phone.

Wagering Advisors compares extra features

In addition to bonuses, some sites will also have extra features for betting online. We’ll check what these are, what their cost is, if any, and let you know in our reviews.

Wagering Advisors compares security of the best online betting sites

Playing for real money isn’t something to be taken lightly. If you go to a wrong site and share your sensitive information, it can be hacked and cause you a grand loss. That’s why we check everything about a betting site from their security system to their licenses.

Wagering Advisors compares customer support

Customers of betting sites often need some help, especially customers of best betting websites. As a player, you might have some technical problem or need some information. When you do, you’ll need a responsive and professional customer support service. Because of this, we’ll check the site’s support hours and speak to them to establish their competence.

Wagering Advisors compares online feedback

The last thing we’ll do concerning best uk betting sites is probably one of the most important things. No matter what the site says, you can’t believe everything until you’ve checked. In order to avoid big expenses, you can see what the reputation of a site is like by reading what their customers say about their experience.

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